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    The universe of beauty and aesthetics has as a characteristic the dynamism and the constant need of evolution by demand of its public and market, making the companies that work in it have the obligation to follow these changes.

    Absoluty has a characteristic brand that is always connected with the needs of its market and the requirement of its target public since the appearance of our brand in 2006.

    We have as guideline the need to offer professional products of the highest quality for discoloration, processing and treatment for hair. We carry with us the pride of being a 100% Brazilian company in constant growth and recognition, aiming to conquer our space in the international beauty market.

    Our continuous improvement and modernization processes give us the certainty of developing innovative products, enabling us to meet the most demanding professionals in our market.

    Our history continues to be more and more victorious, keeping us in constant evolution and always striving to achieve our main objective, which is the trust and satisfaction of our clients and partners.


    Strengthen the relationship with its representatives, providing necessary advice to create businesses that generate satisfactory profits to maintain the partnership and promote to its consumers unique sensations through high quality and differential products.


    It believes that it can contribute to the improvement of the quality of life and health, through the creation, manufacture and commercialization of beauty solutions from an ethical and socially responsible business posture. To be a national and international reference in terms of hair treatments and be admired by its clients.  


    • Professionalism
    • Partnership
    • Confidence
    • Ethics and transparency
    • Passion
    • Innovation
    • Integrity
    • Valorization of relations
    • Respect
    • Social and environmental responsibility