Working constantly in research and development of innovative products, attend the most demanding professionals in the beauty market.


A dynamic brand that has a complete range of professional products for the processing, treatment and discoloration of hair.


Since 2006 the cosmetics market is a brand 100% Brazilian, increasingly looking to the international market of fashion and beauty.


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We do not sell on e-commerce

Absoluty Color is not a supplier of any product or service advertised on websites. The absoluty COLOR is a company devoted entirely to beauty professionals. We only work with distributors so that they provide direct care and personalized. Absoluty Color is not responsible for products purchased through websites or ads and does not authorize the […]


It is natural that the hair of children and adolescents are bulky and difficult to control. But as the yarn structure is still fragile and they tend to be more sensitive, it is not recommended to use chemical for any purpose.   Thinking ease the daily lives of mothers and self-esteem of their children, Absoluty […]

1 Treatment, 15 Benefits. WE CAN DO IT!

shielding; A drying effect; Fill the capillary mass; Recovers and treats dry, brittle hair; Restores the hair mass; Intensive nutrition; Sealing the cuticle and MUCH MORE!  

Sealing 3D Absoluty Color

The 3D Color Sealing Absoluty has in its DNA the formula V QUAT. Learn more about the asset that this turning professional cosmetic market! Alisa 100% and do not need relaxation. Much more convenience in their daily lives!


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